Create a Trade Pool

Create a trade pool with tokens, NFTs, or both NFTs & tokens

1. To create a trade pool, click "Create Pool".

2. Click "Buy and Sell NFTs" to market make automatically.

3. Select the NFT collection for which you are creating a trading pool.

4. Decide whether you want your trading pool to accept only certain NFTs of the collection [Advanced Pool] or all NFTs of the collection [Basic Pool].

  • Select the “Yes, accept only certain NFTs of the collection” option to start customizing the NFTs you are going to trade against. Proceed to step 5.

  • Select the "No, accept all NFTs of the collection" option if you do not wish to customize the NFTs you are going to trade against. Proceed to step 6.

5. You may customize your NFT Pool on this page. You may filter the selected NFTs you would like to trade with based on tokenIDs, traits, and rarity.

6. Next, set the parameters for the pool and deposit your assets.

  • Set a start price: Your start price is effectively the mid-price in trading terms, which will determine the buy and sell price of your NFTs.

#Tip: To optimize your trades, if your NFTs contain traits that are rare, we recommend setting your start price above the current floor price of the collection.

  • Set the amount of tokens and number of NFT to deposit.

    • Set the number of NFTs your pool can buy up to and you will need to deposit the corresponding ETH amount to support future buys.

    • Set the number of NFTs your pool can sell up to by selecting the NFTs from your wallet and click “Confirm selection”.

  • Set a trading fee percentage you would like to earn whenever a trade happens.

  • Select a bonding curve type, and input the delta value.

    • At present, supports 2 types of bonding curves i.e. linear and exponential. Both curves are parameterized by the delta. After a user trades with a pool, the pool consults its bonding curve to determine how the price of an NFT should change given the delta value.

    • The linear curve performs an additive operation to update the price. If the pool sells an NFT by giving out an NFT and receiving tokens, the next price it quotes to sell NFTs will increase by a flat amount (known as delta).

    • The exponential curve performs a multiplicative operation where the delta acts as a multiplier function. If the pool has just sold an NFT by giving out an NFT and receiving tokens, the next price it will quote to sell NFTs at will increase by a percentage amount (known as delta).

  • Set the royalty fee, and fee recipient’s wallet address. The setting of royalties is optional.

  • If you would like to exclude NFTs that are marked as suspicious by Opensea, toggle on "Exclude Marked NFTs".

7. Review your pool settings and parameters.

8. Finally, click "approve and create pool" to initiate pool creation, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

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