Collection adopts a carry fee model by design for TRADE pools, where the protocol takes a percentage of the trading fee. Unlike a flat fee model, carry fee model presents a fairer and more sustainable distribution across the traders, liquidity provider and the protocol.

However, as a carry fee model assumes an ongoing concern (a valid assumption for TRADE pools which will continue to trade within a band), it may not be as valid for LIMIT-type pools which can only trade a limited number of times (TOKEN or NFT pools). For those types of pools, for simplicity of understanding, we maintain a flat fee.

The protocol fee for both types of pools will be 0% at launch, and governance 👀 can decide the percentage in the future.


Collection seeks to provide a platform that helps to balance royalty asks from traders and creators. It is therefore recommended by default when liquidity provider is creating the pool.

While creating an incentive program for the vault, NFT Project Owners / vault creators have the option only to incentivize pools that honor royalties.

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