What is Collection.xyz?

Automatically buy, sell and earn yield on your NFTs. Live on Ethereum Mainnet.

Collection.xyz is an NFT decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol with innovative automated market maker (AMM) features. With Collection.xyz, users can create liquidity pools with NFTs and ETH to automate buying and selling of NFTs without intermediaries. Anyone can buy and sell NFTs instantly from the pools on a simple app interface.

  1. Choice: Users can create trade pools that only accept specific token IDs within an NFT collection. Under the hood, the protocol uses Merkle proofs to specify and target specific NFTs by token IDs, allowing users to target individual tokens, user-defined groups, or the whole collection. These NFTs can be grouped based on what users desire such as traits, rarity, or even whether they are banned on Opensea.

  1. Composability: Liquidity pool positions are represented by LP ownership tokens, composable with other protocols.

  2. Fees & Royalties: Collection charges 0% protocol fees. Liquidity pool owners determine the pool fees and royalty % for the pools they create. We encourage liquidity pool creators to honor royalties, and vault creators can incentivize liquidity providers to do so.

  3. Reward: Anyone can reward liquidity providers with ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens based on desired criteria through a draw system. This allows for the easy creation of custom NFT liquidity mining programs. (Coming Soon)

The protocol has been successfully audited by ABDK Consulting, which counts Uniswap, GMX, ZKSpace, CitaDAO and Sudoswap as some of its clients.

Collection.xyz will have the following features at launch:

  • Buy and sell NFTs instantly on the platform.

  • Create pools and provide liquidity for any collection.

  • No protocol fees.

  • Tokenized ownership of pools (LP Token); users can collateralize and transfer the LP token to any address of choice.

  • Integration with various NFT marketplace aggregators to enable users to trade through their apps.

  • Customize the royalties to creators when liquidity providers set up pools; Collection.xyz's app defaults to honoring full royalties.

  • Support for these ERC20 tokens: Ethereum (ETH), Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), Dai (DAI), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), ApeCoin (APE).

  • Create incentive vaults with Collection Draw to reward liquidity providers with NFT or token rewards. Creators can launch new collections based on the liquidity provided to NFT collections. ERC-20 tokens can also be distributed as an incentive and used as a form of token issuance.

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