Can handle airdrops?

Yes, can handle airdrops. So long as the airdops are sent to the smart contract, users will be able to withdraw the airdrops at a later date. We have specific ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 rescue functions for the owner of each CollectionPool’s LP token. With these functions, you can rescue arbitrary ERC20, 721 and 1155 tokens from these pools.

However, in the case where non-tokenized perks (e.g. whitelists) are given to the NFT holder, the liquidity pool smart contract will be the recipient. In these cases, projects will need to work with to specifically pass these benefits to the ultimate owner of the NFTs. This is possible through either

(A) querying ownerOf() on the LPToken, or if you have the poolAddress

(B) calling the tokenId function if you want to tie it to ownership at a particular blockheight, or

(C) the owner() function to directly get the current tokenID owner, or , and passing on the benefits to that address instead.

If you are a project developer and need help working with us on this, please reach out on our discord.

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